Certified Hospitality Supervisory Program

Today’s successful hospitality supervisors must have effective skills such as leadership, time management, and communication. They must keep pace with change, improve their knowledge and share their experience with others.

The Certified Hospitality Supervisors (CHS) designation provides recognition for these skills. The CHS designation is the lodging industry’s highest acknowledgement of professionalism for supervisors in the hospitality industry.

The CHS designation may be used on letterheads, business cards, and other writings. The Certificate is the visible symbols of the holder’s status and achievement.


The objective of this program is to provide Hospitality Management students from the ASEAN Region the opportunity to subscribe to a minimum 6 months to a maximum of 12 months internship program in Malaysia with the Malaysian Association of Hotel (MAH) member hotels.

This program is unique in comparison to other internship programs as participants will be provided with the following:

  • 5 day training program which will be facilitated by the Malaysian Association of Hotels Training and Education Centre (MAHTEC) before commencing their internship.
  • Student who attends the 5 day program will be given a Certificate of Attendance by MAHTEC.
  • Students who have successfully completed the examination will also be given the Certified Hospitality Certificate by MAHTEC.

The program will cover “need to know” information on how supervisors should carry out their responsibilities towards management as well as employees. This “hands-on” program helps supervisors to:

  • Meet management objective for productivity and quality guest service
  • Gain respect, trust and support from employees
  • Improve employee communication and performance
  • Increase employee motivation

Course Objectives

  • To establish the climate of human relationships at the departmental level of the organization.
  • To shape the attitude that motivates employees to excel at their respective roles
  • To train and coach new and senior associates to work effectively and safely by adhering to standard operating procedures.
  • To identify the importance of the essential skills related to effective and assertive communication, positive employee feedback and employee confrontation.
  • To establish credibility, confidence and authority as a supervisor.

Through the CHSP program, students will:

  • Be part of an elite group of certified supervisors
  • Be able to keep pace with change in supervisory trends
  • Learn how to boost your organization’s bottom line
  • Explore and experience internship program in 4 or 5-star hotels in Malaysia